Monday, April 4, 2011


The name is Kristin for those that don't know me.  Though it surprises my family, I love to cook.  Okay, it is so much more involved then that!  I loathe cooking a boring, regular meal.  Cooking up a piece of meat on the grill, in the oven, or in a pan with throwing some quick sides with it is like nails on a chalkboard.  I want something more involved, something with actual flavors.

Which is ironic, considering I am one of the pickiest eaters out there.  And I must admit now, it is very unlikely you will find anything related to seafood, deer, lamb, tofu, sushi, spicy foods, and peppers.  But the good news is - you can alter any of the recipes to suit your tastes - change out the type of meat, add peppers, add spice.  This is to get you started and open the doors on being creative and changing it up from the drab, boring meals you are use to.

You will find a lot of slow cooker recipes - its my all time favorite kitchen gadget!  Easy and so yummy.

And one thing you will notice, I never measure out spices.  I feel you should use spices as you are comfortable with.  Remember for slow cookers - more is better - if too little is in there it will not be noticeable at all and the result will be bland.

Hope you enjoy and most of all Experiment with me!

If you have recipes, I would love to give them a try!  Email them to:


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