Monday, April 4, 2011

Slow Cook Italian Chicken

I love this dish, and have made several versions of it.  It is a hearty, filling meal.  Wonderful for those cold evenings or when you are in serious need of comfort food that is not super high in calories.

You will need a slow cooker for this one.

  boneless, skinless chicken (you could substitute with turkey)
  28oz can of crushed or stewed tomatoes (I used Contadina)
  Rice -- I use boil a bag   (or pasta if you prefer)
  1 chicken bouillan cube

      garlic powder
      minced onion
      chili powder
      ground mustard
      salt and pepper
      Kitchen Stories Ultimate Steak Blend
Rachel Ray's Balsamic Drizzle

I always put a layer of spices down on the crock pot first.  Use as much of each to your preference - feel free to alter spices to your taste buds/needs as well.

Place chicken down and top with a light layer of spices.  Pour crushed tomatoes on chicken - I felt 3/4's of the 28oz can was more then plenty, but I was only cooking 3 pieces of chicken.  You may need the entire can if you are cooking more then 3 pieces of meat.

Top generously with spices.   Take boillioun cube and grate it on top (you can use granules if you have those).  I would use about a 1/4 of the cube and at most 1/2 of a cube.

Drizzle the Rachel Ray's Balsamic on top, go lightly.  Turn on either low (if you have more then 2 hours before desired eating time) or high.  Let cook away.  Check it later, when it is about done.  If need be, add more spices to your taste.

Serve on top of rice or pasta.  I paired it with a sourdough garlic bread that I made from Wegman's bakery sourdough.


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